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Results From Mayflower Academy

July 2015

We have recently recieved exciting results from Mayflower Academy about the progress that has been gained by their year 6 pupils. They were tested in year 5 pre ARROW and have made significant progess after just one session.

ARROW in the West Indies

February, 2013

Cornelia Bonterre has been working most succesfully with a paediatrician suffering from the effects of a stroke which meant that he was unable to continue with his work.

After sessions with Cornelia on the dedicated A.R.R.O.W. Speech Program his improvements were such that he has successfully returned to his occupation.

Teachers in mainstream schools are commentating on the great need for learners with speech problems to have such support.


Comparison of Literacy Interventions in the UK & Eire

April 2013

We are pleased to announce that the great success of A.R.R.O.W is recognised in  two major publications.

We have been higlighted in Professor Greg Brooks UK study, "What works for children and young people with literacy difficulties" 2013. This study looked at intervention schemes for improving literacy skills of children and young people.

We wish to thank Professor Brooks and The Dyselxia-SpLD Trust for their excellent publications.

In Eire, Dr Nugent and the NEPS team have also conducted investigations into literacy improvement interventions. Grateful thanks to the NEPS team and Dr Nugent for their noteworthy article published in 2013.

Recent Results from Midlands Primary School

February 2013

ARROW has shown that it can help very young children who are just learning to read. Teachers and Parents are very impressed with the way in which young learners quickly adapt to the simple operating systme. The adults are obviously delighted with the children's ability to work ARROW and the results gained.

Recent Developments

February 2015

​Arrow is very proud to announce news of its ground breaking Speech and Communication system. We all know support for students of all ages is being reduced or made unavailable due to economic constraints.A.R.R.O.W. Self-Voice, with its strong teacher ethos, has made a most positive move to meet this challenge.​The system ​integrates movie and textual Self-Voice instruction together with Arrow listen copy compare components.This  unique facility can greatly raise standards of support for all learners particularly those with speech/hearing/ lip reading, second language  and/or focusing problems.​

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