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Recent developments

Arrow is very proud to announce news of its ground breaking Speech and Communication system. We all know support for students of all ages is being reduced or made unavailable due to economic constraints.A.R.R.O.W. Self-Voice, with its strong teacher ethos, has made a most positive move to meet this challenge.​

The system ​integrates movie and textual Self-Voice instruction together with Arrow listen copy compare components.This  unique facility can greatly raise standards of support for all learners particularly those with speech/hearing/ lip reading, second language  and/or focusing problems.

The learner and/or tutor can view a movie which gives all appropriate
 samples of speech from single phonemes to sentence format.

The movie is linked to Arrow  processess which the learner and tutor follow in the well established Arrow format.


​An exciting feature of the Speech and Communication system is the introduction of face reading training in a  unique  format involving both the movie and voice recordings.

It  is recognised that face reading a speaker can improve understanding of the spoken word by some 14%. Any training in lip/face reading skills can, therefore, greatly aid a student's potential learning  skills.

The implications for any person aiming to improve their attention/face reading performaces are considerable. Many listeners complain of the presence of background noise limiting their ability to follow a  conversationn, debate or lecture.

A.R.R.O.W. has a long track record of being able to assist in these fields. Improvements in listening tasks average some 24% improvement after specialised training. These improvements are themselves maintained long after training has ceased.

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