Can A.R.R.O.W.™ help children with speech/language problems?
Yes. Exeter University research showed that A.R.R.O.W.™ improved listening ,speech and language skills of children with speech and language problems at a significant level of confidence.

How does this work?
A.R.R.O.W.™ encourages increased speaking and listening. These improvements cover environmental sound listening, consonant and vowel discrimination and sentence understanding. A.R.R.O.W.™ has also showed that it can rapidly improve vocalisation skills and confidence to talk. The self-voice™ used within the A.R.R.O.W.™ speaking, listening, reading and writing approach helps develop internal thinking processes.


Children's Comments T.V./Radio Interviews
William - "It's good, it injects it straight into your brain. I never ever thought this would happen to me. My confidence is much better, so much easier for me to write...reading, writing and knowing how to spell words...before I found it hard, now it's quite fun."


Sam - "I can read harder books and spell harder words..."

Paige - "When you hear your own voice you learn a lot better..."

Parent's Comments

"A remarkable short time after starting A.R.R.O.W.™ his written work became more presentable, spelling problems disappeared almost totally...he was more willing to apply himself to tasks."

"We have noticed a great change in Martin since these lessons finished. His reading and writing have improved tremendously."

​What the parents of hearing impaired children say

"Quote what you will, absolutely fantastic"
V Willoughby parent

"The light at the end of the tunnel"
R Luke parent

"we have seen our severely deaf daughter transformed from a little girl who wouldn’t listen or look, into a little girl who has learned to look and listen"
M Bickham parent

Working with Children

We believe the A.R.R.O.W.™ Self-Voice™ system is the fastest and most economic way to help your child improve literacy speech and communication skills. Children from the age of 6 years love to use the system, can work unaided, and are averaging up to  10 months reading and/or 8 months spelling after 7-10 hours work.

Why does A.R.R.O.W.™ work?
There are many exciting features about A.R.R.O.W.™ but it is the use of the child’s own voice (the Self-Voice™) linked to multi-sensory learning which is central to the undeniable success of the approach. As an extra bonus A.R.R.O.W.™ material is based on the National Government  Literacy Strategies which means that it fully supports work being undertaken at school.

How can I get A.R.R.O.W.™ help for my child?
Your child’s school may be using A.R.R.O.W.™ contact them and find out, otherwise A.R.R.O.W.™ help can be given regionally by a qualified tutor or through a Distance Learning Program.

How long does it take?
To the best of our knowledge A.R.R.O.W.™ is the fastest way of improving basic reading and spelling skills. Short training sessions are required of 20 minutes delivered 4-5 times per week. A total of 7-10 hours training (one complete program) is required to notice an improvement. It is suggested that 3-4 programs will optimise a child’s literacy performance.

Can A.R.R.O.W.™ help children who don’t hear very well?

A.R.R.O.W.™ began as a listening and speech tool for Hearing Impaired Children. Exeter University research showed that A.R.R.O.W.™ improved listening, speech and language skills of hearing-impaired children at a significant level of confidence. Suffolk LEA based research showed that A.R.R.O.W.™ trained children improved their listening skills by 18.5% whereas a control group (no training) improved less than 1%. Somerset based research showed that even children with normal hearing, but poor listening skills, when once trained on A.R.R.O.W.™, improved their listening in background noise by almost 100%.​

How does this work?
People of all ages using A.R.R.O.W.™ in fact learn to listen more effectively. This improved listening gives more confidence and proves a springboard for speech and communication improvement. These improvements cover environmental sound listening, consonant and vowel discrimination, sentence understanding and of course, listening in background noise. A.R.R.O.W.™ has also showed that it can rapidly improve vocalisation skills and confidence to talk.