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Listening Improvements

A.R.R.O.W.'s history of improving listening skills in a rapid and sustained manner is well established. In 2009, 56 trainee tutors were given A.R.R.O.W. Listening in Background Noise training for no more than 30 minutes; results showed a post-training improvement of 25.47%. In 2013 6 trainee tutors in Dereham, Norfolk were given training by two Trainer of Trainers, Ruth Smallwood & Carolyn Nixon. The 6 Trainee tutors sat approximately 4 metres from speakers which played 20 sentances with varing degrees of background noise. After 30 minutes Self-Voice training a retest was given. Scores showed an average imporovement of of 24.2% for the 6 tutors. Testing was stringent and it is clear that there is a major development to hand for improving listening skills. One tutor reported that she had gained far greater confidence because of her improved ability to listen in noise.


The applications of listening training are enormous. Students with literacy problems cannot operate effectively in the presence of background noise; A.R.R.O.W. can help improve this situation in a dramatic fashion.


For further information please see Dr Lane's book; Self-Voice a Major Rethink, pages 134-145.

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