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Letter from Robert Phillips

This is a copy of an email we recieved from Robert Phillips

Dear Dr Lane,


When we last spoke you asked that I provide a short note that you can put on your website related to my experience of using the A.R.R.O.W Program and how this has helped me with my spelling and memory recall. Please accept my apologies that it has taken a little while for me write to you, but work and other matters have got in the way.


Generally my confidence has improved and people at work have noticed a change in me. One of my colleagues has openly commented that she thought that I was more confident at work and more communicative. I find it easier to write and I make less mistakes reducing the time I need to complete tasks. I generally find writing less difficult. I feel more confident with my handwriting and feel more at ease with writing hand written notes to people. A colleague has also commented on how neat my writing is compared to her's.  My wife has also commented that my handwriting has improved. I feel that my short term memory has improved and I can remember instructions more easily. I can also communicate my ideas more clearly and easily. I feel that my reading speed has also improved and I am reading books now like there is no tomorrow, which is helping me to learn about new subjects and to broaden my horizons.   


I have also used the program with the various background noises turned on and I feel this has helped me in networking situations where there is a lot of background noise and I can engage and converse with people more easily which has had the knock on effect of allowing me to grow my network and the opportunities that offers. 


Thank you for inventing the A.R.R.O.W Program, it has helped me in so many ways.


I hope this note is helpful to you. 


Best regards



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