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Arrow is different. The astonishing success gained in literacy and communication skills are based upon the relationnship of the Self-Voice and essential

learning/communication needs .​

A.R.R.O.W, founded by Dr Colin Lane, is an organisation entirely centred upon a very simple but far reaching idea, that most of us think in the sound of our own voices. From Dr Colin Lane's innovative  1:1 work with children in the 1970's it became obvious that a unique relationship existed between leaners and their own recorded voices - the Self-Voice. The Self-Voice concept is now being used to improve learning performances for literacy, numeracy, speech/communication skills, short term memory,listening and attention. The population benefiting from the use of the Self-Voice is vast and ranges from young children to senior citizens, from high ability students of all ages, to those with severe learning problems. Colin Lane fully appreciates that after decades of work there remains much to be uncovered in terms of knowledge and techniques "...the journey has just begun".



A unique learning tool


A.R.R.O.W. Self-Voice is an approach for improving a whole range of learning and communication skills. A.R.R.O.W. helps learners ranging from school-age pupils to adults well into retirement. Rapid and lasting progress in literacy, speech, memory and listening skills can be acquired using the unique Self-Voice approach. 

​Necessary components

for Self-Voice success in education.

  • Self-Voice teaching/learning processes
  • Content of A.R.R.O.W. programs
  • Student attitude
  • Full support of school/college
  • Tutor Training Program
  • Tutor empathy and management skills


The ultimate aim of A.R.R.O.W.  is to present the huge benefits of self-voice learning across the globe.