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UK's Fastest and Most Cost Effective Reading and Spelling Intervention

As reported in ‘Brooks’s What Works for Literacy Difficulties? 6th Edition’ and other studies A.R.R.O.W.® has been shown to be the fastest and most cost effective way of improving literacy, listening and speech skills.


The A.R.R.O.W.® intervention targets the students weaknesses with unique individualised student programs delivered over 4+ hours (broken up into manageable sessions of 20-45 mins dependent upon students attention levels) in groups of 1-5 students per tutor. Following these sessions the students are achieving some of the highest ratio gains recorded in the UK of 32.0 in reading accuracy and 44.0 in comprehension along with 16.0 in spelling¹.


Using A.R.R.O.W.® Teaching Technology a tutor can apply the intervention with as many students as required, and is only limited by the number of A.R.R.O.W.® activated computers.


For further information regarding the program and costs please email us for a copy of our information pack.

How A.R.R.O.W.® Works

A.R.R.O.W.® Teaching Technology is a Windows based program focused on the use of the Self-Voice® with personalised material.


Independent work across the years has shown that the A.R.R.O.W. program is a potent learning tool for students of all ages and abilities. A.R.R.O.W can improve those with reading, spelling and comprehension difficulties, listening and speech problems and also students of above average learning ability. Experience has shown that the tutor training in the use of A.R.R.O.W. is essential to its success.


The effects of the Coivd pandemic on students literacy deficit been surmounted within 4+ hours of A.R.R.O.W.


Experience has shown that only by undertaking the ARROW strategies can the teacher or learner fully appreciate the enormous impact it can achieve.

The Multi Sensory Approch

ARROW Teaching Technology is a series of dynamic life changing multi-sensory learning techniques. The program uses the student's own recorded voice along with varied text based material suitable for all skill ranges, from the ABC’s and Phonics up to university level.


All of the material is personalised to the student's ability level and targets reading, spelling, comprehension and listening skills.


The impact the self-voice has is dramatic, linking both the neurological and psychological processes so essential to learning.


V Khan, Tamworth UK

‘I have been using the ARROW technique for a number of years within the Asian community in Birmingham both with adults and in school. There have been excellent achievements in reading and spelling with pronunciation, intonation and expressiveness leading to much better speech, and a higher level of understanding of both the words being read and the overall text. The recordings on tape are self voiced enabling the student to listen to themselves and improve upon any word which is not spoken correctly. Memory skills and listening skills are enhanced as is the students elf-esteem. There is no failure in an ARROW programme for a student only success!’

C Gee, Yarm UK

'The English improvement compared time spent is phenomenal - I have never seen such a tremendous payback for time spent studying anything like I’ve seen with … doing Arrow. I wish we’d found you years ago, but I’m delighted he’s done it now age 10/11 as it will transform his future.’

K Mays, Johannesburg South Africa

‘It is with utter delight that I share that my children have improved dramatically in reading accuracy, fluency, and spelling using this programme. We used it for reading therapy and I then asked my principal …, whether my two dyslexic children could try the programme.

Seeing their confidence build as they followed the reading fluidly and the subsequent willingness to read using the strategies taught alongside the ARROW programme has given me such joy as a class teacher.'

¹'Brooks's What Works for Literacy Difficulties. The effectiveness of intervention schemes, 6th edition', G. Lavan and J. Talcott 2020

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